Peanut Flour – New Product

peanut flourMade from 100% lightly roasted Grade A peanuts, THRIVE Peanut Flour is a healthy alternative to peanut butter. Add sugar, salt, and oil for peanut butter just the way you like it, or sprinkle the flour into smoothies, cookies, and more for a boost of protein and flavor!

Non-GMO, with no MSG
No artificial colors or flavors
Naturally processed
No hydrogenated oils
Only 1 gram of fat per serving
Peanuts grown in the USA

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Allergen Information

Peanut Flour is produced in a completely separate facility than all other THRIVE products, but is tested to our rigorous quality standards by the THRIVE team.
All other THRIVE products will keep their current allergen status (processed in a facility that handles milk, egg, soy, wheat, and coconut products).
After Peanut Flour cans are produced and sealed, they are wiped down and sent to our distribution center, where they are stored apart from other products.
We follow strict HACCP food safety procedures in order to prevent any cross contamination of allergens.
Peanut Flour will be shipped with the other products in your order. However, if you or your customers would like it to ship separately, simply purchase it in a separate order.

Other Food Safety Facts from Thrive Life

Our foods are FDA certified (including prescribed HACCP procedures for allergens).
Our gluten-free certified products are produced in completely separate production rooms and tested for gluten by a third party.
Our facility undergoes an annual audit for quality control, sanitation, and food safety. We’ve never scored below 95%!

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The Big Deal – Don’t Miss Out!

Don’t Miss out on Our Big Deal!

Get deep discounts on ALL THRIVE foods April 9-20, 2015! Pantry cans, #10 cans, cases, and 10 packs are all on sale at the prices shown below starting April 9 at 12:01am MDT. This sale is while supplies last, so order now to get your favorite THRIVE foods at unbelievable prices!

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April 2015 Specials – Warm Up The Oven

AprilLandingSave on baking items this month

April Specials

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Family Favorites – March 2015 Specials

Family Fav HeaderTHRIVE is healthy, tasty, and convenient for making meals with kids! Save this month on some of our family favorites.
March 2015 Specials

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Rehydrate Freeze Dried Foods with a French Press

This technique should work with most any freeze dried food.  I would start with warm water for just a few minutes and strain them to dry, not squeeze them.  Freeze dried food will absorb and soften better that sun dried or dehydrated items.  Anyway this is a good use of that French press if you have one sitting around.

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